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The Ubuntu Wanted project is slowly progressing. As soon as I got time I’m going to finish the admin queue finally allowing users to submit their tasks. This doesn’t mean it’s ready, there is no good way yet to browse tasks, but it would mean that it’s usable for the first time. Keep an eye on the test version for the upcoming changes.

A good website needs more than just a bunch of forms and lists. That is what MadsRH is working on. He already made this beautiful mock-up:


Ubuntu blogspot: Ubuntu wanted

Now, wouldn’t that look great?

If you would like to help too, please don’t hestitate to send a mail to the ubuntu-website maillist or contact me at #ubuntu-website. Feedback is also welcome, but please keep in mind that big changes aren’t possible (yet) due a lack of manpower.

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  1. Hey, it’s interesting to see that the project I’m working on, Epidermis, is in the screenshot you posted. I am very interested in “Ubuntu wanted”, and yes, Epidermis could use some help, I’ll be posting a list of ways people can chip in soon.
    I was just wondering, wouldn’t a “Launchpad wanted” site be more suitable? That way, all sorts of projects that work on Ubuntu can use it, including mine. As Epidermis isn’t really part of the Ubuntu project, it would feel strange to post tasks on “Ubuntu wanted”.

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