Subtitles videos for GNOME/Neelie Kroes’ message for GUADEC

Next week already the yearly GNOME conference, GUADEC, will be held in The Hague. One of the speakers invited for the main part of the conference, which starts at Wednesday, was European Commissioner for Digital Agenda and Vice-President of the European Commission Neelie Kroes. Unfortunately, she was unable to make it to the conference, but she did record a video message in which she expressed support for open source.

[GUADEC2010] Neelie Kroes on open source and the importance of communities

When uploading the video I wanted to make sure that everyone, even people with hearing disabilities or people who are not so proficient in English, to understand the video. That’s why I wrote a transscript and made subtitles available in English and Dutch. I also mailed the gnome-i18n mailing list with a request for more translations and soon I got a response from Samuel Goméz who had translated the subtitles to Spanish!

This was great, but of course the process could be easier. Other people at the gnome-i18n mailing list had suggested the use of sub2po from the Translate Toolkit to convert SRT files to PO or POT files.

Now I’ve made the subtitles I’ve got available in GNOME Git in the ‘video-subtitles’ module and have requested it to be added to GNOME’s Damned Lies translation infrastructure.

What next? Although there’s only one video in the repository at the moment we need more languages! If you can help to translate Neelie Kroes’ message to GUADEC to your own language, please don’t hesitate to do so! I’ll make sure they’ll end up on YouTube.

The Video Subtitles project can also use more videos. If you’re someone who’s hosting the GNOME videos on YouTube, or somewhere else, please contact me if you want to participate.

I, for the least, will try to make subtitles for as much of the videos I’m uploading to the GUADEC YouTube channel.

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