Summer 2010: away on a holiday

Tomorrow morning at 6.00 CEST we’ll be leaving for Dunkerque, where we will embark for England. We’ll be staying for two weeks in Tiptree, located in the borough of Colchester.

In my luggage I didn’t make room for any laptop or netbook, so for the duration of the two weeks I will be offline. This will severely limit my capabilities to respond to email, comments and IRC conversations.

The UDStream-based WordPress plugin I’m developing, Sociaal, will not be updated during those two weeks, despite its lack of doing the tricks it says it learned. Updates to fix this will arrive after I return.

My partial fix for the Application Indicators bug I was working on will probably be finished by someone else.

If there is anything else: feel free to mail me, but from Friday 6 August up to and including Friday 20 August I will be unavailable.


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