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I’ve been using Mozilla Thunderbird for years now and found it the best email client available. Well, at least from the ones I knew. And Incredimail isn’t such a good competitor. 😉

But I did miss something. Some things just didn’t go really smooth and I wanted to integrate it more with GNOME. Of course, when you mention integration with GNOME, you almost automatically get Evolution.
Although I do think that the fixed integration of just one email client is bad, I do like it. Because everyone is meant for being used with Evolution I’m discovering more and more features! I’m finally using the sync function of my Palm Z22, now I’ve got my calendar, task list, address book and memos all in Evolution and my Palm!

Mail is easier to search through, so I decided, mad as I am, to keep ALL emails I get and put them in one big directory called Archief(Dutch for Archive). When I need something of a particular subject I can use search directories.

Another good thing is threading. I know don’t have to look for all the other emails from the discussion to get the whole picture, they’re all grouped!

I did face a problem though. Because Thunderbird doesn’t support export functionality(and the plugin I found worked really bad(read:not)) and Evolution can’t import directly from Thunderbird I had to find another way. Luckily there is IRC and when I asked at #inquisition @ freenode for help Miraculix gave me this link: How-To: Import Thunderbird Emails to Evolution.
I did have to import all folders manually, but at the end I got all my mails! This trouble was only needed for my @qense.nl address. My GMail account supports IMAP, so after I entered my credentials I had access to all my emails again.

I think I’m going to like Evolution! I’ve already removed Thunderbird, so I can’t accidentally open it and receive all new emails in the Thunderbird mailbox, resulting in a horrible mail spreading.

Please let me know if you’ve got an awesome Evolution hack or found a great feature!

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  1. I don’t use Evolution anymore. Not because it’s bad (since it’s not, and in some ways superior to Kontact that I’m using now), but because

    1. I wanted something more integrated with KDE (not applicable to you, and it can be made to be decently KDE-friendly if you take the time)
    2. More importantly. it felt so slow. Granted, that was a few versions ago (whatever version it was that was included with Feisty) so it may have improved. And no, that wasn’t because I ran it under KDE. It felt just as slow in its “native” Gnome environment.

    I’m not sure why it felt so slow but I suspect it was because my mail archive was so big (let me put it this way…it was originally mails delivered into my Outlook Express client when I used Windows 95, converted to a standard Outlook .pst mailbox of approximately 1.5 gig in size when I converted to Win2000 and Outlook and then converted to Thunderbird, and finally into Evolution/Unix format when I switched to Linux full-time and I haven’t really gotten around to prune away the crud – what can I say, I’m a packrat).

    What I’m getting at: does it steel feel kinda slow? Especially since you too apparently keep a lot of mails around for extended periods of time.

  2. Heh… Not really a hack or feature. But I just un-installed Evolution from my box… I’ve found it to be useless in the long run.

    Its just too buggy! The number of crashes, problems, corruptions, deaths, panics and general horriblenesses its caused made me give up. I’ve just switched back to Thunderbird. 😉

    Another thing I found was… every time I reported a bug with it, the devs would just come back and say “Not enough information. Give us more. Including debug symbol tracings.” Without telling me what debug symbols were, or where to get them…

    Anyway, good luck with it. I suggest that you tweak the icons on the left hand side to be smaller (No text, just icons)… I think its under the View menu… I found that that saved screen space…

  3. My God… What have you done? 🙂
    Tried it once. So slow, terrible spam filters, and slow.
    Oh, and it is also slow.

    But hey, best of lucks pal!

  4. Thanks for this post. After moving to Evolution I’m finally able to read all of my RSS feeds without switching between the feed reader and my web browser (unless the post includes Flash, of course). I’m still fighting with syncing my PDA with Evolution, but there’s one thing I miss from Thunderbird: The ability to see just the folders with unread messages. Have you found a way to do this? I know there’s a way to search and get unread messages but I really liked seeing the folders, not just the messages.

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