Thank a Dev Day

While browsing FSDaily I found an entry announcing the Thank a Dev Day. I’m not sure about the support from the community for this idea, but I really like the idea and think it deserves to gain some publicity.

At March the 27th, the last Friday of March, everyone is called to send a mail of thank to one or more developers of your favourite FOSS software. The initiators of the project created this guide to showing your appreciation:

1. Find the author of the piece of software

2. When you are writing the email, remember to add [TADD] in the beginning of the subject-line. This is mandatory to avoid extra spam for the author you appreciate.

3. Write to the author that you like his/her piece of code, and also, if possible, tell why you like the software, where do you use it and how often.

4. Be glad! You have just helped a free software project! If you want, you can jump back to step 1.

You can find the website at Spread the news!

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