The last day of #GUADEC is over

GUADEC 2010 Hate/Love Wall, close-up of top section 'Love'
A close-up of the top section of the 'love' side of the GUADEC 2010 Hate/Love Wall.

GUADEC 2010 has ended! It feels strange after all those months of preparation, but now it really is over. After a tiring but exciting five days I’m now back home again, recovering from the lack of sleep and encounters with some great people.

Bit first lets look back at Friday. We started the morning like any other, but the t-shirts and USB sticks that were previously only for handing out, one per (paying) attendee, were now up for sale and we requested the Haagse Hogeschool for a room where the attendees could leave their luggage for the day, in case they had already checked out from their hotel.

GUADEC 2010 venue at Friday morning
The venue of GUADEC 2010 a few minutes before eight o' clock at Friday morning.

Talk-wise Friday was an interesting day: we had the lightning talks, but also two great, inspiring talks on Telepathy and Banshee. I myself attended Fabrice Mous’ intersting ‘Changing the Desktop Game’ keynote — although I have to say I found an ealier version of the same talk he held at Dutch at the Ubuntu 10.04 Release Party better — and Sílvia Miranda’s ‘Quality translations in GNOME’ session.

Before we knew it, however, it was already time for the closing session and soon afterwards we started shutting down, but not before the group picture in front of the Haagse Hogeschool! I hope that the picture will be available online soon.

Slowly the photos and slides of the conference start to come available on the internet. I cannot promise anything about the many hours of video we captured during the talks, but we have already a lot of images available. I added a small selection of Flickr images to the frontpage of the GUADEC 2010 website, but you should really check out the ‘guadec’ tag on Flickr if you want to see some more.

View from the place where I stayed during GUADEC 2010
The view out of the window of the place I stayed during GUADEC 2010 in The Hague.

The evening we cleaned up, which mostly consisted of removing cables and put them away. For the clean-up team there was pizza and an afterparty started as soon as 19.00 in hackers’ space RevSpace. I didn’t go there, though. After fetching my luggage from the place of the guy who had kindly offered me an empty room, I went on to Den Haag Centraal to catch the 20.08 to take me North, back home.

I hope to be able to do the stuff I delayed before and during GUADEC the next week, since I will be away on a holiday to England for two weeks starting 6 August, next Friday.

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    1. Agreed! That would be neat.
      For those that weren't aware of it, photos of the complete Hate/Love Wall can be found on my Flickr account, just press the first image and follow the photostream.

  1. Well, I didn't really follow GUADEC, but still, thanks for all the hard work you did on maintaining the GUADEC website 🙂

  2. Hey,

    What did I say? Those cloudbanks over the school look really impressive.

    In other news: I liked working with you and the other guys. I had a blast helping out at GUADEC; even though I was physically tired on Friday, I arrived at work on Monday feeling like I actually had taken the week off.


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