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Maybe you’ve already seen three Brainstorm buttons in the sidebar at the left, but maybe not, when you’re reading my blog using another tool. They’re from my three latest ideas I placed at Brainstorm and I thought that they deserved a little bit more attention. Here they come:

idea #7931: Merge configuration tools

When you open the System menu from your GNOME panel you’ll see a lot of configuration utilities. There are two subcategories: Preferences and Manage. The first one is mainly for settings a user can do and the second is mainly for settings that require root permissions. A lot of those applications are tiny, don’t provide a lot of options and cover the same subject as other configuration utilities do, but of course provide other options. This can be confusing for new users and it can be tricky to find the right program.
What I suggest is to merge all tools that cover the same thing into one application, like they did with Appearance. And since GNOME 2.22 introduced the Unlock buttons it doesn’t matter if the options require root permissions or not, they can all be put together.

idea #7930: Graphical driver selection

In the previous release of Ubuntu there was a nice tool called displayconfig-gtk. It still exists, but isn’t in the menus anymore, since a lot of its functionality is only needed for people whose monitor isn’t recognized good or have other problems with their screen. One of the functions was a tab where you could select the display driver.
I suggest to execute this idea with the previous idea and include in the program that manages the Screen an option to select the right driver. Drivers that are recommended will be marked e.g. green, drivers that will work too marked e.g. yellow and drivers that don’t work e.g. red. When you choose a driver the things that are required to be executed(config file changes, commands needed to be run, modules needed to be enabled, drivers needed to be installed) to use that driver will be automatically done.

idea #8113: Overview of all teams

When you want to help with Ubuntu you’ll probably start at the Get Involved page at There you can find an overview of different sections in Ubuntu. But it doesn’t show how complex and large the Ubuntu Community actually is. There are a lot of teams working on producing a great release twice a year and supporting users. It’s hard to find a good overview of what teams exist. To make it easier for new people to see I suggest to create a page where all teams(LoCo teams, dev teams, support teams, maintaining teams, Ubuntu Members/Council/Technical Board, etc) are listed with their task and joining requirements(if you can join at all). This way people can understand the community much better and look for something they like to do.

I hope all of these ideas will be implemented of course, but I would also be happy if only one would be used. I ask you to vote at them in order to make my dreams come true! But provide also feedback!

(Aren’t you a bit pathetic when your dreams consist of three ideas for an OS? :P)

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  1. I had to go and vote down your first idea. The GNOME project broke their “control center” down into small tools because it is easier to do one thing than it is to do many things. I would hate to go back to looking at a huge config tool trying to find out where i can change my menubar appearance.

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