Thursday: the second day of the #GUADEC core conference

As the end of GUADEC draws nearer my blog posts get shorter and today also there are no pictures, for the first time. To make up for that terrible loss on my side, I would like to point you to the GUADEC 2010 Flickr stream. There are some really nice photos on there.

The day

There were some really interesting sessions today. I haven’t attended much, but I did go to the keynote about activists and journalists and the treats for them in an online world, and what the (FLOSS) desktop can do against that.
Another interesting one was the “GNOME 3 for your Application” talk. Some really interesting plans were shown. I can’t help and wonder, though, if a lot of this isn’t just duplicating stuff from Ubuntu’s Ayatana project, or at least touching it very closely. RedHat’s GNOME 3 and Ubuntu’s Ayatana seem to have a lot in common, but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much cooperation and so far the standards and APIs proposed upstream were declined and refused to be used. It would be really a shame if GNOME Shell — which seems to be the big chunk that is going to contain all the new neat functionality — would be using a new API, separate from existing projects. If it would be using standards, but not be using existing libraries for them, then we’d have just dumb duplication of code. I can think of a better way to spend resources.

I hope there will be more cooperation, or at least communication, between RedHat and Canonical on this matter.


I hope this will be the last time I mention those blasted shirts here. Finally we were able to hand out all t-shirts today after some of the organisation went to pick them up from the printer in Nijmegen yesterday night. The good news here is that the Igalia logo, which the printer somehow had made disappear from the final prints of the first batch of t-shirts, is on the newest batch. But still, with the Igalia logo missing from the first sponsors and the huge delays in the deliverances we’re of course not too happy with the service.

Social Media Livestream

The first view days there have been some issues with the UDStream based Social Media Livestream on the GUADEC website. At first the dents were shown with the time in GMT, whereas the tweets were correctly shown in CEST. After I had fixed this everything appeared to be right, but fortunately Stéphane Maniaci was kind enough to keep nagging me about it until I had completely fixed all problems with the microblogging system used more often than Twitter by the attendees. See, my hacky fix for the date problems (‘+ 2 * 3600’) was only working on Google Chrome/Chromium, but made all dents disappear in any other browser. After fiddling a bit with the date format I thought things were completely fixed, but they weren’t in all browsers.

Then I cleaned the code a bit up and by delaying the formatting the Date until after the Date class has been initialised the time is now correctly everywhere without hack, and isn’t broken anymore. This also means that the screen of the livestream in the venue is working at long last!
I’ll push my changes to the GUADEC 2010 Website’s Git repository next week(end) and will backport the changes back upstream to UDStream as well.

Collabora barebecue

Unfortunately, after two weeks of very hot weather, the summer started to fade a bit at the beginning of the conference. Now, this isn’t that bad for a conference, it makes being inside much more bearable, but it is a shame for beach parties. We were having a barbecue at “Beach Company”, but no swimming! The party was very well organised, and the vegetarians were happy with their own stuff and barbecue, and everyone had a great time. New to most of the international guests was the presence of large quantities of the Dutch version of satay sauce (or ‘peanut sauce’), which we seem to put in litres on everything, according to some of them.

Last words

Tomorrow will already be the last day of the conference! I can’t believe that after all these months of preparation GUADEC 2010 will be over! I can surely say that it has been a great fun so far and I’ve met some really nice people. Despite some problems with ordered goods (ahem, t-shirts, ahem), there weren’t any major problems and I’m glad that everyone seems to be enjoying the conference so much.

On to a great last day!

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