To the Greek sun!

The last two weeks were busy. Although I’ve started with getting Ubuntu Wanted in shape again and began a new programming project which I want to use to learn techniques used for developing Ubuntu desktop programs, most of the time had to be spent on school. Several teachers demanded reports and essays to be delivered just in time for the upcoming trip and the trip itself needed to be prepared as well.

Because all my work will be stalled for a week and a day starting tonight. Next week is the traditional ‘Classical Trip’ that is common for grammar schools, at least in the Netherlands, which is a bit in the spirit of a Grand Tour. Every year the fifth grade — the sixth is too filled with preparations for the exams — goes to either Rome or Greece. My year is going to Greece, where we will tour the country and visit most noteworthy places. We’re the tour guides.

I’m really looking forward to it. Not only is it currently 30 °C in Athens, whereas it’s 13 °C here, it’s also great to be away with friends. To the sun!

(We’ll be heading to Brussels Airport — cheaper than Amsterdam — at 23.30 this evening and depart to Athens at 6.00 in the morning. We’ll be back in the evening of Saturday the 17th.)

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