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I’ve discoverd that I’ve actually have a lot to do. Maybe a bit too much. Today I started with an initiative to create a page with detailed information from all packages/program in Ubuntu of what information is needed in bug reports. Its wiki page can be found here: Bugs/Triaging.
So I create here a table with a ToDo list. I hope I don’t take too long finishing it. 😉

Tasks with a high priority:

-Project Paragon Website
-Piece of School Website

Tasks with a medium priority:

-Extend wiki page with Bug triaging information
-Learn C++ (better), programming with Ogre 3D and RakNet(for Project Paragon)

Tasks with a low priority:

-Theme forum of School Theatre Club

And you’ve got some things that always need to be done:

-Triaging of bugs
-Administration of Syrtis HQ, School Theatre Forum

And I still want to read sometimes. 😉

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