Ubuntu Bug Control starts mentoring

Do you want to help Ubuntu, but don’t know how? Consider bug triaging! It is a very useful way of contributing, and because we’re being flooded with bug reports, we can use every hand. That includes you!

If you want some help with getting started, Ubuntu Bug Control has got a mentoring program designed for getting people acquainted with triaging. At BugSquad/GettingInvolved is explained how to request a mentor:

I would like to add that including the username of your Launchpad account is most helpful as well, since that makes it easier for us to scan what you’ve done so far.

As always, questions can be asked at our IRC channel, #ubuntu-bugs at FreeNode.

If you’re already quite familiar with triaging and want to help new people, you’re most welcome! Please sign up as a mentor by leaving a little note at the ubuntu-bugcontrol mailist and add yourself to the list at BugSquad/Mentors. This page contains also more information about what is expected of you.

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