Ubuntu Classroom session on the Debian BTS

Debian is vital to Ubuntu because we depend on it for so many of our packages. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that bug reports in Ubuntu reach Debian developers as well when it affects them. Not only does this make Ubuntu better as well, but it is also a way we can show our appreciation for the great work done by the Debian Developers.

Bug triagers! When you have a bug in a Debian package, please don’t hesitate to forward it upstream to Debian. They want the bug reports! Just make sure you’ve done all the triaging already before forwarding, so upstream Debian doesn’t have to do double work.

The Debian BTS is nothing like Launchpad and for many Ubuntu bug triagers it might take some getting used to. Fortunately there is a session planned in the Ubuntu Classroom.

DD Rhonda will teach you how to use the Debian BTS next Thursday, 22 July at 18.00 UTC in the #ubuntu-classroom IRC channel. Don’t forget to join #ubuntu-classroom-chat as well if you want to ask questions.

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