Ubuntu Wanted code review requested

I’ve just committed revision 22 of Ubuntu Wanted to my experimental development branch. This revision adds the store functionality, which checks the writable data member of the Model against a write-safe copy and writes the changes to the databases.

Now all I have to do to finish the rewrite of Ubuntu Wanted is getting the forms for editing and adding a task and the managing page to work again. Especially  the managing page should be much easier to create with the new system.

However, I’d like to have your opinion on the code. What do you think of my design discussions? Did I write well? How do you think about the way I use certain structures? I don’t really ask for in-dept code reviews, although I’d really like such a thing, but I’d like to have some response, a little bit feedback before continueing with coding other functionalities of Ubuntu Wanted. If I’d have made a serious mistake and I or someone else would discover it when some complex features have already been implemented, rewriting would be much harder than now it isn’t even merged with the stable branch yet.

If you’d have the time to even leave a small comment, you’d be very helpful.

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