Ubuntu Wanted IRC meeting

After I sent a proposal to the ubuntu-website mailist I didn’t expect a lot responsed. I did expect some responded though, and when the only one that responsed was Nicolas Deschildre —  the person I discussed the meeting with before I sent the proposal — I was a bit disappointed. To get more attention for this I placed a proposal at the Ubuntuforums, but I also got no reply there.

We do have to pick a date on time and since it’s already Saturday today, it was time to pick one. Because there were no replies it could be that not everyone is confortable with the selected date. My apologizes for that.

The meeting will be helt at #ubuntu-website at 19.00 UTC at Tuesday August the 26th. Everyone interested in helping with Ubuntu Wanted is very welcome. The purpose of the meeting is not to brainstorm about fancy features, but to see who wants to help, divide tasks and discuss technical details. Due a lack of manpower we won’t work on the ‘help offered’ part, but just at the ‘help needed’ part.

(Announcement in maillist: https://lists.canonical.com/archives/ubuntu-website/2008-August/000311.html )

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