Ubuntu Wanted Launchpad integration finally starting

Today I finally started working on the integration of Ubuntu Wanted with Launchpad by branching their official Drupal Teams module for Drupal 5 and making it work on Drupal 6.
I’ve pushed the adapted version to lp:~ubuntu-wanted-dev/ubuntu-wanted/openid-teams.

At the moment(revision 4) the module works and can be used as a full replacement for the D5 version. You don’t need to have an adapted version of the OpenID module, that is only needed if you want to use Launchpad as the single sign-on provider.

The module won’t be specifically modified for Ubuntu Wanted, because the hooks it provides to request team information are already enough.They can provide us with enough information to ensure that the person that places the task actually is a member of the team he’s placing it for.

If we want more information about the teams, e.g. contact information, we’ll need something else. However, that won’t happen soon, especially since I’m not aware of a Drupal module that implements the Launchpad API, but also because it isn’t an essential feature. If you do happen to know such a module, please tell us.

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