Ubuntu Wanted meeting and Ohloh page

Yesterday we helt a Ubuntu Wanted meeting at #ubuntu-website. We had a really nice talk — it’s good to talk about your project with some people — and decided this:

  • MadsRH, assisted by Pasi Lallinaho, is responsible for the theme, when they’ve come up with something in HTML or in the form of a Drupal 5 theme it can be committed, but it’s not the most urgent task at the moment.
  • We’re going to use a Launchpad-teams based model for task posting. Applications are going to be managed by team administrators and tasks can be assigned to teams. If you are or know someone who has got experience with the Launchpad plugins for Drupal, please contact me.
  • In order to get more developers we’re going to look around and (slowly) make Ubuntu Wanted more well-known. This includes asking at LoCos, blogging about it and just asking everyone you think might be interested in doing some coding. If you are reading this blog and would like to help with some coding, leave a comment or drop by at #ubuntu-website @ FreeNode.
  • We should just start working. šŸ˜‰

Since Ohloh now supports Bazaar it’s now possible to add the branches of Launchpad projects to ‘the open source network’. I immediately created an Ubuntu Wanted project to Ohloh.

The results of the very fast code analysis:

  • (i) Mostly written in PHP
  • <!> Short source control history
  • <!> Small development team

The first point isn’t a warning and the rest is solvable, just join the development!


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