Ubuntu Wanted migrated to Drupal 6

About an hour ago I merged the migration changes in the trunk of Ubuntu Wanted. Ubuntu Wanted has now officially switched to Drupal 6.

This allows us to use parts of the great Ubuntu LoCo Drupal project and gives some improvements in the Form API and other parts of Drupal. We’ll have to adapt the official Launchpad modules, though. At the moment they only support Drupal 5.

To ensure theme compatibility and to have a cleaner theme I copied the theme from the Ubuntu LoCo Drupal project and made some small adjustments. We’re going to redesign the theme in the future, but I thought this would provide us with a more solid base.
The artwork was moved to a separate branch and can now be downloaded from lp:~ubuntu-wanted-dev/ubuntu-wanted/artwork.

The trunk is located at lp:ubuntu-wanted.

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