Ubuntu Wanted now supports task editing!

It took a while but now I’ve just uploaded revision 16 of Ubuntu Wanted adding editing support and a basic managing interface. The system could be considered useable now, but it still needs some more testing and I’d be really thankful if someone would have a look at the code to check the performance of the SQLs and PHP. Another important thing that needs to be done is adding some overview pages and a search tool so people can actually browse the tasks available.

I’m currently looking on the theme MadsRH created and the suggestions Huge Brant made. I’ll try to implement it as soon as possible so new pages or additions to the views would incoperate this design and the designers can see the fruit of their labour.

If you’d like to help with Ubuntu Wanted, please ask in #ubuntu-wanted @ irc.freenode.org or contact the ubuntu-website team or me.

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