Ubuntu Wanted progress-mindmap

When I’m working on something I like to have a clear overview of what I’ve done and what I still need to do. I’ve never really found a good way to do that in a visual way, but lately I read about a mindmapping tool for Linux called View Your Mind, which you can find in the repositories as vym. Install VYM.

I created this image to show you the current progress:


If you see a thing on there you’d like to help out with, please contact the Ubuntu Web Presence Team or me.

The program can also export (X)HTML, like you can see at their website. I haven’t tested that, I don’t think that it can add anything to the overview. If you do think it’s useful for UW, try to convince me!

If you’ve got a suggestion, please leave a comment too.

I’m going to update the image each time a new revision has been comitted to the main branch.

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