Ubuntu Wanted site is under discussion!

Maybe you remember the two posts I made about the Ubuntu Wanted site. The idea now has got 83 votes and I’ve already created a blueprint. Now it is also being discussed at the ubuntu-website mailist. I’ve already got some responses, although I had hoped for more discussion. Here is a link to the archives: [ubuntu-web] Ubuntu Wanted site(blueprint) and continues here.

An interesting point was raised during the discussion that took place at the mailist; someone suggested to integrate the volunteer pool that was suggested earlier at Brainstorm in the Ubuntu Wanted site. This would give some great opportunities, e.g. the user could be notified when a role he’s interested in would be placed. This wasn’t the first time someone suggested it, but now I finally agreed with the suggestion. However, I don’t want to make such a radical change without asking other people first. Although I’ve offered to lead this project, I don’t want to be a dictator. I’ve send mails to Pasto, the person that suggestion the volunteer pool, and someone else that offered Pasto his help with coding.

I’ve brainstormed a bit about this site in one of the mails I sent to the ubuntu-website mailist. I’d also like to get some feedback from more people than just the people at the mailist — there are not many people subscribed — so I want to ask you to look at this passage I copied out of my email and tell me what you think of it and the whole idea of integrating the two ideas into one site. Feedback about the Ubuntu Wanted site itself is also very, very welcome.

I’m now
thinking out loud, so please say it when you don’t agree.
The user only ends up in the volunteer pool when (s)he creates/activates
his/her profile. Than a status can be set showing how eagerly the user
is looking for roles. At the profile are the tasks shown that the user
has fulfilled or is fulfilling within the Ubuntu Community and outside.
Experience and knowledge of software and programming languages should
also be visible.(Should the level of education and age also be visible?)
Other users can write testimonials about the user. However, how are we
going to display experience? Will it be (semi-)automated like Ohloh, by
checkboxes or by text? Should it contain links to other profiles? I
think there should be some automated forms for Ohloh and SourceForge
profiles(and more) profiles and a text area to tell about the current
and past roles. Programming languages can be done with checkboxes,
experience with drop-downboxes.
I think the profile should also have a text area where the user can
tell something about him-/herself.

Getting a volunteer pool would also have the advantage that with certain
tasks, the users that might be interested could get mailed when
something an interesting role would be posted. Especially if the user
could tell the system he’d be interested in a position in a certain team.

Leave a comment here, or mail me using the contact form. Participating in the discussion at the mailist or contacting me(qense) at #ubuntu-website @ freenode is also good, of course. In fact, I’d encourage you to contribute to the mailist when you’re interested to help, so people other than me can participate.

Thanks in advance.

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