VirtualBox: Part I

After I read the post about the release of VirtualBox 1.6.0 I suddenly combined it with my desire to test Ubuntu’s upcoming release(already in Octobre!): Interpid Ibex. If I would install it in VirtualBox I could test it without screwing up anything at my system, for which I was afraid because I remembered a bug report a while ago about a pre-aplha release screwing the partition table. So I installed virtualbox-ose and the kernel modules which are in the repositories of hardy, restarted and tried to install 7.10, which I wanted to use as a start system from which I could update to intrepid. But I got an error message that it couldn’t find /dev/vboxdrv. I didn’t know what had caused that, since I did install the module and even restarted(which shouldn’t be necessary, actually).
After searching for the solution for a while, including several failed tries to compile the kernel module from the source provided by the repositories I found out that it was caused by a difference in kernel version. The kernel I was using was version 2.6.24-17, but the VirtualBox modules were 2.6.24-16. Confused I asked at #ubuntu-kernel @ freenode why they didn’t update the VB modules, because this could cause a lot of trouble for business users. I was asked if I had enabled ubuntu-proposed, which I have to test new versions early, and was told that that was the problem. It turned out that the modules were in the building queu at Launchpad and should be available within a few hours.
So I’m going to check tomorrow and tell you about my first impressions of intrepid! 😛

Well, if I have time. I shouldn’t forget that I’m turning 15 tomorrow. It would be a bit sad for the guests if I’d sit behind my computer all the time. 😉

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  1. Congratulations in advance. It’s great to see someone your age involved in these kind of projects.

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