VirtualBox: Part II

In my previous post(VirtualBox: Part I) I talked about VirtualBox, which I wanted to use in order to test Intrepid. Now the kernel modules for VirtualBox are in hardy-proposed repositories I can use it. I installed Hardy Heron and updated it to Intrepid Ibex by editing /etc/apt/sources.list manually, because there isn’t an upgrade button available yet in update-manager, not even when you pass the option ‘-d’.

But after the update the X Server wouldn’t start. I think it has something to do with the libxfont bug I triaged earlier this month: bug #226156.

I’ll try again later. But at least VirtualBox works!

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  1. I tried upgrading to Intrepid in VirtualBox VM a few days ago, and I got the same result – X wouldn’t start. Do you know how to send a ctrl+alt+F1 or SysRq combo keys to the VM? I can’t because Ubuntu picks them up on a lower level before they ever get to VirtualBox.

  2. I should have told this in the post.

    I accidentally came into the console after I booted the virtual system in the recovery mode. First I started the root shell. Then I exited from it with the command exit. After this I selected xfix and resume when it was ready.
    When the X server stopped it tries to start I found myself back at tty1.

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