Wednesday: the first day of the #GUADEC core conference in The Hague

Maison de Bonneterie from tram stop 'Gravenstraat'
Several buildings, including the Maison de Bonneterie as seen from the tram stop 'Gravenstraat', near the 'Le Paris' cafe of the Canonical party.

Today was the first day of the main GUADEC conference and this meant that it was extra busy at the registration desk with many people checking in today. The day was marked by great talks, the first occurrence of WebM streaming for any event and the arrival of some more t-shirts.

I almost overslept this morning because I had worked until 3.40 in the night to make the streaming on the website ready for the first day of streaming. Fortunately Mart was there to wake me up and we made it to the venue just before eight o’ clock, in time.

Almost straight away the first attendees started to arrive and some of them still had to register. There are still some people not registered. We would ask them all to register still, so we can provide them with the necessary information and swag, but also for the municipality of The Hague, which sponsors us for every foreign attendee we have registered. (That is also why bringing the ticket is so important.)

I spent the morning trying to awaken a bit more, doing the regular tidying up, moving stuff, searching for and talking to people, answering questions and looking after the website. The afternoon I spent manning the camera of the Video Live Stream 1, in ‘Paris’, which gave me the opportunity to listen to some talks. I really liked the provocative humour of the ‘State of GNOME’ talk. No patronising, religion doesn’t need any more protection than other fantasies. 😉
That was actually my day. Time does go quickly, but it seems a lot quicker when you’re writing about days you do loads of small things.

Yes, again t-shirts problems. We had hoped to have solved the t-shirt problems today, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to do so. Summary of today’s progress:

  • There are no separate speakers’ shirt, they get a regular conference shirt;
  • We have run out of men’s M, L and XL definitely;
  • Tomorrow we will, at long last, have the women’s sizes and the volunteer shirts;
  • Leftovers of the volunteer shirts, if any, will be handed out to the other people still waiting for their shirt;
  • Unfortunately the logo of one of our sponsors, Igalia, is still missing from the t-shirts, after the company we ordered the shirts managed to get the logo dropped from the complete template we provided.
View on Riviervismarkt from tram stop 'Gravenstraat'
Looking at Riviervismarkt from tram stop 'Gravenstraat', near the 'Le Paris' cafe of the Canonical party.

The network isn’t using VPN or any other kind of tunnelling after all, as far as I’m aware. Instead we’re using Google’s public DNS servers. Privacy pundits might not be happy with this, but then privacy pundits would be very stupid privacy pundits if they wouldn’t be using their own tunnel at conferences anyway.

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