Why Ubuntu is important to me

In response to Jono Bacon‘s post about The Ubuntu Ethos here my thoughts on this.

Lets start with the reason why I chose for Ubuntu: ShipIt. It’s not that I would stop using Ubuntu if that service would seize to exist, but I just wouldn’t have found Ubuntu if it hadn’t exististed back in 2005. I started with using Linux after my brother tried Knoppix and installed it on his computer. We both had very old computers and Windows XP was just too slow to run smoothly on them. We heard some things about Linux and my brother was the first one to give it a try.
I found Knoppix very ugly and tried Debian 3.1. I didn’t get further than the console, I couldn’t figure out how to install a graphical environment. Then I read about Ubuntu shipping free CDs at Tweakers.net and ordered Ubunut 5.10. I was 12 back then.

Surprisingly Ubuntu just worked! I didn’t have to install a thing extra and could just start working with it. This impressed me and when I heard you could help if you wanted I immediatly started to search for ways to contribute. Ubuntu was so great, I should do something back!

What do I like about the community? It takes everyone willing to put some time into it seriously. Even though I’m currently just 15, people do listen to me. A good example is the UDS; we discussed something I had started , with great help from some community members — another great thing of the community.
The atmosphere here is great and very friendly. Nice discussions take place and when you need help you get it most of the time. Ubuntu is more to me than just a software project, it’s a vibrant group of people from all over the world working together, almost like a family. When I’m talking to someone I never think of the person’s race, gender, age, origin or educational level. How I think of someone depends on his/her contributions and things (s)he has written.

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