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Maybe you’ve seen them, the links at your Launchpad profile to the page that should be the wiki page about you. Many people don’t put any content in them, or just a line referring to their Launchpad profile. That’s a pitty, because it’s such a good way to tell more about yourself and what you do.

I had also just one line of text for months. But now I decided to change that. I want the people who are working with me to know more about me, or give them at least the possibility to. I’ve written a very long story about my computing history and some basic information. I’m planning to extend the page bit by bit, whenever I think of something. For example, when I get access to my mail archives I want to list the 5 bugs I sent to Brian Murray when I applied for the Ubuntu Bugcontrol team. I’m also adding bugs I reported, and bugs I’m currently triaging. This will allow you to keep better track of what I do and have done, but also allows me to keep track of myself, so I won’t forget bugs. I’m curious how the page will develop!

I think more people should do this. I know there are quite some people who already have a large page, but the majority hasn’t. If everyone would make their page extended, people would know much more about other people and can better find people they need, check if people know what they’re talking about or what people are working on(which can make things easier for newcomers). I want to ask you to do the same thing as me(if you didn’t already do it, of course. 😉 But I’m also curious about your opions about my page. Does it miss anything? Are there (grammar) mistakes or things you’d like to be changed? Please leave a comment.

(The wiki page I’m talking about is of course Qense – Ubuntu Wiki and is now listed in my links bar!)

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