Windows XP

I’ve installed Windows XP at the back partition at my SATA harddisk.

I wanted to try something I’ve thought of to get my new motherboard working, but after I changed the motherboard I found out that it didn’t work. I didn’t want to go through all the trouble that comes with changing the motherboard so I just installed Windows XP from the CD we’ve got from my mother’s computer. If I’m right it has been burned in 2002! And I can’t update it, since I haven’t activated it. And I can’t activate it because the key has been used too often. I hope the problem can be solved before the 30 days are over. But this confirms that the issue is not in the BIOS or hardware. I’m also going to test if it also happens with my OpenSolaris <starter kit> I ordered a while ago from Sun(for free!). I don’t hope I get the same problems as I got last time, but if I don’t I can confirm if the issue is just in the Linux kernel or in more UNIX-like systems. We’ll see…

(But I have to say that I’m horified with the lack of usability of Windows. Although a lot of people say it’s a lot user friendlier than Linux, I think it’s the opposite. But lets not turn this post in a Microsoft bashing one. It is the operating system that worked when Linux failed.(But only this time! Aaargh! I can’t stand it!))

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