You (don’t) use Mono? I don’t care!

The Mono-debate seams to get some attention again. I can’t help but feel a certain tiredness about all those people telling what to do and what not to do. It seems to be the tendency in the ‘community’ to be telling people what they can and cannot think, do and/or feel. Please stop it!

This doesn’t only apply to Mono, but Mono is the most high-profile example of this. For this I created a banner in the spirit of the ‘I’m not afraid of…’ banners that appeared on Planet GNOME:

You (don't) use Mono? I don't care!
You (don't) use Mono? I don't care!

(By the way, this image is hereby released in the public domain. Go become a billionaire with selling it if you want.)

I don’t care if you hate Mono and burn it’s source code at night with sacred rituals or if you are secretly working on porting the kernel to C#. I just want a good desktop. Is it written in Mono? That won’t kill my computer and won’t get me sued. If you don’t want to use Mono, please do so as you want.

But please, please, don’t bother me with what I should or shouldn’t do. I don’t believe in community parasites nor in the fact that using Banshee can make my eyeballs pop out.

Imagine what we could have achieved if e.g. we’d been discussing the 100 papercuts instead… Such a waste of time.

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  1. Same argument applied to the other side. I don’t care if you love mono to death, either, or are completely amazed and fascinated by microsoft architectures. Keep it to yourself and your circle of buddies 🙂

  2. This is a bit of a daft position IMHO.

    If nobody ever discussed what they did, or didn’t, like and why, then nothing would ever change.

    Debate is Good. Expressing one’s opinion is Good. Flaming and personal abuse is not.

  3. Discussion is good. But a lot of the Mono ‘debate’ is all ready not about genuine arguments anymore. Now the both extremes seem to want to force you to follow their solution — rather than trying to find a solution together, or at least have a proper discussion.
    There are of course valid arguments for both sides, and that should be discussed, but I don’t think the problems are so severe that they require immediate and drastic action. Lets try to improve each other instead.

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